10th A Decade of New Discoveries IBS Institute for Basic Science

RNA biology
RNA biology

    RNAs play a pivotal role in development and pathology as they stand at the core of gene regulation. To uncover the working principles and biological functions of RNAs, we have been working on RNAs and RNA-binding proteins in stem cells, embryos, cancer, neuronal system, and viruses.

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Functional Anatomy of the Human Microprocessor Tuan Anh Nguyen, Myung Hyun Jo, Yeon-Gil Choi, Joha Park, S. Chul Kwon, Sungchul Hohng, V. Narry Kim, J...

TUT7 controls the fate of precursor microRNAs by using three different uridylation mechanisms Boseon Kim, Minju Ha, Luuk Loeff, Hyeshik Chang, Dhirendra K Simanshu, Sisi Li, Mohamed Fareh, Dinshaw ...

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